16-20 December 2019
Seoul National University (SNU)
Asia/Seoul timezone


Lunch at Duremidam:

Duremidam is located on the 5th floor of Building 75-1 on campus.  We will have lunch there.

Link to Duremidam map


Workshop Dinner:

We will arrange restaurants near SNU. The location will be announced in the end of the afternoon session. There will be a van service from the venue to the workshop dinner place. There will be another van service from the workshop dinner place to the hotel. They will be free for the invited speakers.

Near SNU, we can find a variety of good restaurants: traditional Korean cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Italian cuisine, Indian cuisine, Mexican cuisine, and so on. We will select the best of them and let you know in the end of the afternoon session.

If you have any diet restriction, please let us know by email in advance.



On campus there are a number of cafes where you can have decent coffee and tea.


Campus Map of SNU:

Link to the map of SNU